About My Little Guys Closet LLC

Hello, my name is Deneen. I am a minority female who like many others had a dream of starting an online business.  I founded My Little Guys Closet LLC in 2020 to offer a go to store for parents of male children.

I have often over heard parents, friends and family members complain about the lack of stylish clothing options for young male children. My Little Guys Closet aims to offer not only durable but stylish clothing options. You are sure to  find that  specialty piece you didn't realized you wanted. Choose from many affordable items, from coats to sleepwear.  

My Little Guys Closet LLC hopes to become your go to web-site for that special "Little Guy" in your life. Please feel free to reach out about items you would like offered through this site at tangdeneen@gmail.com. 

Happy Shopping!!!!!